I had a stroke of extremely good fortune and was able to get a next day appointment when I was having terrible dental pain. I was hesitant to even have someone else look at my back teeth because I knew they were a mess. Carrie, my dental hygienist, kept an easy conversation going and was very encouraging through the initial process. Dr Claeys herself has what feels like a magic touch. She removed a painful remnant from my braces that had been there for almost 20 years and I barely felt a thing. She talked me through every step of the way. She was very straight forward and direct, but in a good way that leaves no room for doubt. A true professional. I left their office with a game plan for every piece of work I would need to have completed, and a full price breakdown for each procedure. As a person who hates dentists, I have no fear seeing Dr Claeys again!

– Amanda V.

Amanda van der Linden