I don’t like dentists and just a though of having a root canal scared the heck out of me. Michele was really awesome and engaging, but the procedure itself was perfectly fine. I can’t say I truly enjoyed it, however it was a piece of cake. She really took me through ever step and explained what she was doing along with checking in if I was fine. Probably my best visit to the dentist yet. The procedure was painless and only pain (if you want to call that) afterwards was my jaw which was sore from holding it open during the procedure and swollen gums above the tooth which just felt uncomfortable rather than painful. Didn’t need to take any pain killers and could chew on it next day. Best part I can have hot or cold things without pain so thank you so much. I can say I’m looking forward to my next visit to get one more taken care of.

– Marcin L.

Marcin Leszczynski